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Sisters In Crime: Pets on the Case

Animals and mystery have gone together ever since Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. These books from the writers of Sisters in Crime prove that pets can indeed be man’s best friend, especially in the face of murder, crime, and danger.

Paw Enforcement

by Diane Kelly

Officer Luz is lucky she still has a job after tasering a male colleague where it counts the most. Sure, he had it coming, which is why the police chief is giving Megan a second chance. Her new partner can’t carry a gun, drive a cruiser, or recite the Miranda Rights--because her new partner Brigit is a big, furry police dog! Soon Megan is writing up enough tickets to wallpaper the whole station. But when a bomb goes off at the mall's food court, it's up to Megan and Brigit to start digging-and sniffing-for clues. With the help of dead-sexy bomb-squad expert Seth Rutledge and his own canine partner named Blast, Megan finds herself in a desperate race to collar a killer. Will justice be served-or will she end up in the doghouse? PAW ENFORCEMENT raises issues critical to the animal-human relationship and features an all-female K-9 cop team who face special challenges working in a male-dominated field. – Diane Kelly

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Lost And Found

by Amy Shojai

Animal behaviorist September Day has lost everything—husband murdered, career in ruins, confidence shot—and flees to Texas to recover. She’s forced out of hibernation when her nephew Steven and his autism service dog Shadow disappear in a freak blizzard. When her sister trusts a maverick researcher’s promise to help Steven, September has 24 hours to rescue them from a devastating medical experiment impacting millions of children, a deadly secret others will kill to protect. As September races the clock, the body count swells. Shadow does his good-dog duty but can’t protect his boy. Finally September and Shadow forge a stormy partnership to rescue the missing and stop the nightmare cure. But can they also find the lost parts of themselves? This thriller, shines a light on PTSD, autism, and the human-animal bond. – Amy Shojai

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In the Dog House

by V. M. Burns

When Lilly Echosby's husband leaves her for a younger woman, she's furious. When her husband is murdered, Lilly becomes the prime suspect. With the help of her two children and a dog loving friend, she has to sniff out the real killer before the police collar her for a crime she didn't commit.

This is the first book in the Dog Club Mystery Series which features a different breed of dog in each book. The series includes a variety of canine sports (conformation, obedience, agility) and police dogs which will entertain and educate readers. – V. M. Burns

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Scent of Fear

by NJ Litz

For Haley Richardson, fear does have a smell. So do hate and happiness. A head injury as a child gave Haley an extraordinary sense of smell. Her gift allows Haley and her German shepherd, Jax, to be one of the most successful search and rescue teams in the Midwest. When girls begin disappearing with tragic results in her hometown, Haley teams with the county's new sheriff, Dane Campbell, to find the killer. (Please note--all of the issues with little girls happen "offstage.") The book explores using our senses, being different and how being different can ultimately make a difference for good. – N.J. Litz

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Ghost Dog

by Helen Currie Foster

When folk icon Annie Temple is found dead in the pool at a chic artists’ retreat and recording studio in the Texas Hill Country, run by a wannabe star and his moneyed wife, lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer gets a peek into the cowboy-poet dreams of the highly competitive music scene. A blue-eyed dog helps Alice unravel the mystery of bad-boy singer Blanton Geddes's latest disappearance as she fights to clear up-and-coming artist Tessa McElroy of murder.
In Ghost Dog readers encounter the vivid world of country folk music, competing issues of loyalty and the hot desire to make it as an artist, and a growing romance between Alice and a former lover. – Helen Currie Foster

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An Almost Purrfect Murder

by Jacqueline Vick

Pet psychic Frankie Chandler is on an Alaskan cruise ship to celebrate her best friend's wedding, but she's not feeling very cheerful about what she sees as the end of her paltry social life. Things get worse when a shipboard entertainer meets a violent end, and Frankie is forced to approach a group of performing cats to find the key to their handler’s untimely death. The theme of the book is being comfortable in your own skin, especially as a woman. – Jacqueline Vick

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Double Dog Dare

by Gretchen Archer

Problem #1: Davis Way Cole lives a (relatively) quiet, (somewhat) simple, and (completely) witch-free life with her husband and twin daughters on the 29th floor of the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Until Bootsy Howard shows up demanding a million dollars.

Problem #2: Princess Smucker. What was marketing thinking when they booked the Southern Canine Association’s annual dog show at the Bellissimo? And what was Davis thinking when she agreed to let a dog stay with her? For a week?

Problem #3: Leverette Urleen, MD The last thing Davis needs is an unsolicited house call from Pine Apple, Alabama’s latest excuse for a doctor. But since he’s there, considering she has a dead body on ice, she might as well have him determine the cause of death. Which he doesn’t. Nor is he any help finding the body when Davis loses it. On top of all that, he won’t leave, further disrupting Davis’s (more or less) quiet, (to a certain degree) simple, and (utterly) seersucker-free life. A life that’s about to go to the dogs. Unless Davis can learn a few new tricks. Fast. Janet Evanovich called the book, “Best in show!” - Gretchen Archer

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Stolen: a Kieran Yeats Mystery

by Linda J. Wright

Animal crimes investigator Kieran Yeats has 72 hours to pull off a miracle. Twenty-six animals have disappeared from an upscale Vancouver Island neighborhood, stolen by shadowy animal thieves called bunchers. The animals’ destination? A university laboratory where they will become the unwilling test subjects for a new drug or medical procedure. Can Kieran find them before they're spirited away to a lab?

Stolen deals with a serious subject -- the theft of companion animals for use in research -- but Kieran's sense of humor, a quirky cast of secondary characters, and her own cats, Vlad and Trey, make the book a delight to read. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly said, “Wright, who has been involved in animal advocacy for 30 years, combines her passionate commitment to animal rights with a riveting whodunit that’s not dependent on murder to sustain interest.” – Linda J. Wright

Linda J. Wright


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