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Happy Halloween from Sisters In Crime

by Shari Randall

From cozy to hard-boiled, paranormal to present day, you’ll find the perfect mystery for Halloween reading on this list from the Sisters in Crime.

The Fifth Petal

by Brunonia Barry

On Halloween night in 1989, three young women were murdered while attempting to consecrate the hanging site of their ancestors executed during Salem’s witch hysteria of 1692. When a similar crime occurs in 2014, police chief John Rafferty wonders if this is yet another witch hunt.

Crown, 2017.

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The Goddaughter’s Revenge

by Melodie Campbell

In this award-winning novella, Gina Gallo is a mob goddaughter who doesn't want to be one. She's out to do good by masterminding a bunch of reverse burglaries, and if that doesn't sound confusing, wait until the wacky Halloween party at the end.

Orca Book Publishers, 2013.

The Diva Haunts the House

by Krista Davis

In bestselling author Davis’ beloved Domestic Diva series, Sophie Winston's decorations for a community haunted house are so good, it’s scary. But when Sophie arrives at a rival domestic diva’s spooktacular Halloween party, she discovers one of the guests dead in a hair-raising Halloween display and a pale, fanged partygoer fleeing the scene.

Berkley, 2011.

The Ambitious Card

by John Gaspard

At a Halloween-themed TV event, magician Eli Marks very publicly debunks a famed psychic, and said psychic ends up dead. Eli can’t escape suspicion and must solve the murders to clear his name.

Henery Press, 2013.

Dead and Breakfast

by Kimberly Giarratano

Despite mistrust and vastly differing opinions on the supernatural, a ghost whisperer and a broke high school drop-out team up to solve a fifty-year-old murder in a haunted Key West bed and breakfast. But on an island where every third resident is a ghost, dealing with an unstable spirit has deadly consequences.

Kindle Press, 2016.

The Empty Chair

by Penny Goetjen

Set on the deceptively tranquil Caribbean island of St. Thomas, The Empty Chair is the story of a young woman's terrifying search for her photographer mother who disappeared during a covert assignment.

Secret Harbor Press, 2016.

Unquiet Spirits

by Bonnie MacBird

Sherlock Holmes’ disbelief in ghosts is put to the test in Unquiet Spirits, Bonnie MacBird’s latest Victorian thriller for HarperCollins. Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson encounter both meanings of “spirits” in a dangerous adventure in a haunted castle and whisky distillery in the Highlands of Scotland. Book clubs can explore further with the historical annotations available here.

Collins Crime Club, 2017.

A Biscuit, A Casket

by Liz Mugavero

It’s Halloween, and Stan Connor is hosting a doggie birthday party at the neighborhood farm in bucolic Frog Ledge, Connecticut. Everything is great fun until a local farmer is found stabbed with a scythe in the haunted corn maze in this entry in the popular Pawsitively Organic series.

Kensington, 2014.

Send in the Clowns

by Julie Mulhern

Haunted houses are scary enough without knife-wielding clowns. So thinks Ellison Russell, single mother, artist, and reluctant sleuth. Now death wears a red nose and Ellison is up to the blood-stained collar of her new trench coat in costumes, caffeine, and possible killers. And trick-or-treaters? One of them may have a deadly trick up his sleeve.

Henery Press, 2016.

Michelangelo’s Ghost

by Gigi Pandian

A lost work of art linking India to the Italian Renaissance, a killer hiding behind a centuries-old ghost story, and a hidden treasure in Italy’s macabre sculpture garden known as the Park of Monsters . . . From San Francisco to the heart of Italy, historian Jaya Jones must unmask a killer ghost linked to the masterpieces of a Renaissance artist.

Henery Press, 2016.

Dead of Winter

by Wendy Corsi Staub

With a black cat, a costumed killer, and a real-life setting populated by psychic mediums, New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub returns to Lily Dale with Dead of Winter.

Crooked Lane Books, 2017.

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Mojo for Murder

by Carolyn Wilkins

It’s Halloween on the South Side of Chicago. There’s a hex on Charley Howard’s Hot Links Emporium, and Charley, a.k.a. the Hot Sauce King, is furious. He suspects the Jamaican psychic who’s been “advising” his gullible wife Mabel is a phony and he asks choir director Bertie Bigelow to do a little amateur sleuthing to help him prove it.

Pen-L Publishing, 2016.

A Stitch to Die For

by Lois Winston

Unpleasant childhood Halloween memories have left their mark on reluctant amateur sleuth Anastasia Pollack. So maybe she shouldn’t be all that surprised when a killer chooses this particular time of year to leave his bloody mark on her normally safe neighborhood.

Lois Winston, 2015.

Native New Englander Shari Randall is the author of the Lobster Shack mystery series coming from St. Martin's Press in 2018. She loves being the Sister in Crime's Library Liaison because the role combines two of her favorite things: writing and libraries.


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