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Book Club Choices

Normal People By Sally Rooney

May 15, 2019

Opposites attract. In Carricklea, a small town in the west of Ireland, Connell and Marianne are both good students. That seems to be all they have in common. Connell is athletic and popular. Marianne is prickly, trying to be a Bohemian intellectual. He is from a single-parent household. There’s not much money but there is…

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

May 13, 2019

In the early-to-mid-1970s, American pop music entered a drowsy period of prog/glam/folk/soft-rock and heavy metal, a spell only sporadically broken until the arrival of punk and disco. Into this specific historical moment of musical malaise Taylor Jenkins Reid has sent her winsome and supercharged rock diva Daisy Jones to make the guitar boys drool and…

The Binding by Bridget Collins

April 15, 2019

If you are lucky enough to be in a book club, may I suggest you give The Binding by Bridget Collins a try? I think your club will find that this historical fantasy causes enthusiastic discussion. A short synopsis: As his name suggests, Emmett Farmer thinks his life will be one of toil on the…

Book Club Choices from LibraryReads: Speculative Fiction

April 12, 2019

LibraryReads is the monthly nationwide library staff picks list for adult fiction and non-fiction. Each month, staff in public libraries vote on their favorite upcoming books that they loved reading and cannot wait to share. The list represents a broad range of reading tastes and showcases a variety of new titles, including buzzed-about debuts, genre…

The Honey Bus: A Memoir of Loss, Courage, and A Girl Saved By Bees by Meredith May

April 8, 2019

Following the breakup of her parent’s marriage, Meredith May, her brother Matthew, and her mother move from Rhode Island to California’s Big Sur to live with her grandparents. There Margaret is exposed to her eccentric grandfather’s passion: beekeeping. In her memoir The Honey Bus, May recounts her childhood and teenage years in 1970’s California with…

Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken

April 5, 2019

A remarkable event occurred on an otherwise unremarkable spring day in Salford, Mass., in the early part of the last century. A woman, a stranger, was found lying in the town cemetery. She was somewhat dazed but most definitely alive. Her name was Bertha Truitt. In her valise was a bowling ball and one candlepin.…

The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff

March 28, 2019

Pam Jenoff fans, we have great news for your book clubs. The discussion kit for her acclaimed New York Times bestselling novel, The Lost Girls of Paris (Park Row Books), is now posted for your (free!) downloading pleasure. Don’t miss the chance to delve deeper into this beautiful novel inspired by the real-life women spies…

Book Club Choices from LibraryReads: Historical Fiction

March 11, 2019

Book Club Choices: All the Lives We Ever Lived by Katharine Smyth

March 6, 2019

In this thoughtful and heartfelt memoir, Katharine Smyth pays tribute to two great influences in her life: her father and Virginia Woolf. Smyth parallels her family story with Virginia Woolf’s story, both personal and literary. Woolf’s To the Lighthouse (1927) had the most profound effect on Smyth. The Ramsay family’s annual trip from London to…

Food for Thought: Urban Legends, Social Media, and Childhood Friendships

March 1, 2019

Heather Gudenkauf’s much buzzed-about Before She Was Found is an epistolary-style thriller about a small town and a Slender Man-type urban legend, the dangerous thin line between reality and fantasy for three 12-year-old girls … and the adults who’ll do anything to protect them. There is plenty for book clubs to find here, and to…


Find Books for a Book Club

There’s a question I always ask whenever I visit a book club: “What’s the best book you’ve ever discussed?” This is a surefire way to start a lively discussion, one that always begins with the books the group has enjoyed and inevitably transitions to those they haven’t. Eventually, the group will conclude that the best…

Find A Book Club

Joining a book club can seem impossible if you don’t know where to look but you’ll find like-minded book lovers at the following tried-and-tested places. BOOK CLUBS IRL The Library Always the best place for aspiring book clubbers to start. Head to the reference desk and ask the person there about book clubs she’s sure…


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